Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival

It hasn’t been long since we went on a long drive. Hours on the road and the same playlist on repeat gives us the soothing feel we crave especially on weeks we just need to really get away together. So to start the year right, heh, we planned something special. Twice the fun. Since Mai’s birthday was just last February 6, (huuuuuppy bortday, babe!) and Valentines day is coming up… we decided to go another extra mile for this weekend trip. 

Mika & Mai's Getaway-2.jpg

On the morning of February 9, I woke up late and was supposed to leave in 15 minutes. If he hadn’t called me, I would’ve totally slept in. But I swear, I set my alarm 5 times. So like a total mental case, I woke up frantic, took a bath, prepped my things and left around 4:30AM. Just in time.

We met at DAU and immediately drove to Omni Aviation at Clark. Good thing, we arrived early because people were just coming in. It wasn’t jam packed, considering that it’s a Friday, which is good.

Mai and I looked for a good spot and waited for some good 30 minutes before all the balloons were inflated. However, it wasn’t a boring wait. There were paragliders, radio controlled aircrafts, dancing kites and other aerial exhibitions performing across the sky.   

Mika & Mai's Getaway-35.jpg

Once the balloons were all set, they all flew one by one.  

Mika & Mai's Getaway-58.jpg
Mika & Mai's Getaway-55.jpg
Mika & Mai's Getaway-50.jpg

It was amazing, and we couldn’t keep our smile off our faces! It wasn’t my first time attending a Hot Air Balloon Festival as I went to Lubao last year and he went to last year’s clark festival as well (obviously with our friends, we’re still strangers at this time of last year). But I can definitely say, this one’s more special as we’re togethaaar.

Mika & Mai's Getaway-69.jpg

After the quick flights, we decided to have breakfast. There were many stalls inside the venue that we had a bit of a hard time choosing what to eat. We strolled around the area and then decided to go as we have to drive to Subic for the next stop in our itinerary!  

Mika & Mai's Getaway-85.jpg

Then we're off to Subic!

Mika & Mai's Getaway-86.jpg