Spontaneous Friday

There’s something about spontaneity that I find truly exciting. It’s like being slapped with a pocket full of rainbows, and actually gobbling it all up! I’ve never been a fan of surprises but lately, I’m slowly trying to embrace the fun of it. Interestingly though, it’s probably because of a hooman who never failed to amaze me over and over again.

Just around after lunch last Friday (September 1, 2017), Mai and I decided to make a crazy decision to see each other and have dinner together. It was one of those days where I’d literally have nothing else planned for the rest of the afternoon (it’s a holiday so no work! yey!) but laze around and probably browse half of netflix’ directory. So, yep, I definitely gave it a go! Besides, it’s been a while since we went on a dinner date. Ha! I left home around 2PM and drove to Pampanga where we planned to meet.

After loads traffic honks at Bocaue and a 100km/h impulse at NLEX, I arrived around 3:30PM and finally met with this cutie panda bear.


We took his car as I left mine parked at SM Pampanga. Having dinner would be too early, obviously, so we decided to stroll around pamps (our silly silly abbr. for his beloved hometown) and let him show me places he’d frequent to during his college days. Hurray for road trips with no destinations! Wuhoo!

We went pass through his old school as he told me stories of his thrilling escapades and all the places where he used to eat and play. It was funny how when we’d pass by certain places, he’d excitedly tell a story that happened on that street years ago. The snippets of his previous tales made sense as I was able to fully visualize his 18-year old self in uniform strolling around the campus and everywhere else.

These were one of the moments I really treasure the most, getting to know someone you love little by little, through the different details of his past and actually living with it presently. Because honestly, who he was before mattered as it was what made him the person he is right now.



The ride went on a little more further until we reached Clark. 

I’m telling now, Mai is totally weak for food. Just hearing the word would probably give the guy some total eargasm straight from the tummy. I even made a Facebook album dedicated to him and his nom nom adventures called #MaiVsFood. And yes, the hashtag is totally necessary. We could spend all day eating and he wouldn’t even budge or decline. And so we’ve talked about how we’d visit different food places (because he’s the real foodie here, you guys) and judge them and probably eat the hell out of the menus.

We’ve came across this restaurant called ‘Paris City Cafe’ on Facebook not too long ago and we decided to try it out. The place is just a few minutes from SM City Clark, along Manuel A. Roxas Highway beside Wooden Table at CDC Clark Parade Grounds. No doubt people would be able to spot them immediately with their iconic Eiffel Tower replica just beside the cafe! 

09/01 (3).JPG

The food was amazing, no doubt. We ordered mash potatoes with cheese, steak, grilled pork and we were so dang full. The ambiance was definitely a go-go as well. We took a seat just beside a window in a private little corner, perfect for those cute lil selfies!

 Me and Mai being all snuggly. Note: This also happens on any normal day.
Me and Mai being all snuggly.
Note: This also happens on any normal day.


The rest of the evening was spent talking and of course eating! It’s honestly satisfying to just spend time together like this. We had a few rounds of i-wanna-sit-there — no-you-sit-here moments, ogling-each-other’s-eating-faces and yum-this-is-so-freaking-good conversations. We parted late but my drive home was fast. And I missed the guy as soon as I arrive home. Damn, it.

It was a pretty pretty day well spent. Who knew, a supposed to be netflix all day plan could change into something exciting and I got to spend hours with my most favorite person. Way to go, Mika!

Oh bless, I just couldn’t wait for more spontaneous dates and unplanned long drives.