Summer in November


Beach and roadtrips drive us both nuts. We've planned this trip for weeks and when the day finally came, it hit us hard. Capones, here we come!

We drove from Dau to Subic in less than an hour. Gotta be careful at SCTEX though because they’re stricter now when it comes to the speed limit: you never know where those little silly rats hide. I gotta say, these kind of drives soothe me a lot; his eyes up front (because he has to!) while I shamelessly just ogle at him. The view was fantastic, and I was busy setting up the camera half of the expressway ride. Ha!

Arriving at Subic, we went to duty free puregold first, shopped a little and then stopped by the Adidas outlet.


Mai and I went for lunch at Texas Joe's which is like our forever go-to place in Subic (because he obviously loves it there so much, though no complaints here, their food is totally da bomb). 


Full and totally bloated, we were back on the road again. From Subic, we went straight to San Antonio, Zambales. Luckily, both of us had been at the resort before so we kinda, just kinda, know where we’re going. Still, it didn’t help that Waze wasn’t cooperating! *crossing fingers we don’t lose our way*. And then, we arrived. Whew!

It was so exciting! It felt good to be back and smell the tang of saltiness in the air. I couldn’t wait to go to the beach. We tried checking in early but our room wasn’t ready yet so we decided to stay at the cafeteria and order a dessert; a banana split for the not-so-hot weather.


We originally planned to go island hopping but the weather wasn’t cooperating at all. The waves were humongous and we knew it was impossible to get on a boat safely. We decided to just enjoy the beach, and of course, the infinity pool. 


We swam for a bit, buried each other under the coldness of the sand and played against the waves. 

We went down the beach waiting for the sunrise, however it came a bit shy. 


Our setup. Thanks to FUJI's app remote, we were able to take really good pictures.


Look how pretty it was! Didn't need to enhance the photos at all, as the sky naturally changed from different hues of pink and purple.

We weren’t able to have bonfire as well as there was a possibility of rain. But then again, the good dinner sucked all of that, we were full again. 

The night ended peacefully, it rained for a while after we settled in.
But another day came in faster, and it was a beautiful morning.

I must say that it felt serene having him by my side, strolling the shore with his hands in mine. I felt butterflies inside my tummy..... all the freaking way. 

Amazing view of our beach front resort, they're definitely worth checking out!

 Capones Vista Beach Resort  Brgy. Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines   (047) 603-1382 |

Capones Vista Beach Resort
Brgy. Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines
(047) 603-1382 |


When it was time to go home, both of us were seriously crying inside. We didn’t want to go yet, we want to stay longer but then..... duty calls as we both have work the next freakin day. 

Bidding good bye at the beach was hard but the drive home was even harder. We knew it was a weekend well spent, and boy, was I clingy! I couldn’t let go of this humaaaan, wondering when I can seee him again.