Overcoming a Major Heartbreak

It has never always been about experiencing a break up or getting dumped by someone. A heartbreak is something you feel whenever you've been hurt by someone or something you love. So when you've felt like the world is crashing down upon you, or demons are starting to whisper naughty little things against your ears, what should you actually do?

No, don't even think about jumping anywhere more than 5ft!

No, take off the bomb suit. 

No, eating three big bags of skittles won't do you any good but cavities.

No, you've watched A Walk To Remember five hundred sixty eight times already. 

And seriously, stop banging your head against the wall. 

So what should you really do after feeling like a total shit, unloved, abandoned, and cut into a million pieces?

Well, let's just say there are three magic steps in healing from a heart break.

1. Accept

This just doesn't mean telling yourself that 'you're over it', or telling people that 'you don't care anymore'. Accepting a heartbreak means accepting the pain, and letting it consume you for a little while. To accept is to recognize everything, the facts and the bluffs, and actually receiving whatever it has left to offer. Accepting a heartbreak, means knowing that what's done is done. It's a thing of the past and it is something one must eventually overcome and learn from. Though this part is actually the hardest, it is also the most rewarding step. Because, really, accepting heartbreaks aren't just that easy. 

2. Treasure

Let's avoid to be bitter. After wholeheartedly admitting to yourself that you're heart broken and you recognize it, the next step would be treasuring what has happened. It doesn't just mean not forgetting about the memories. It is about deciding to make something out of it, may it be a lesson or a warning. Treasuring what had happened, protecting the experience and actually keeping it for as long as you could in your head means that it mattered and it's something that helped you change or even be better. 

3. Move Forward

The last step is, of course, my favorite. Yep, moving on. After accepting and treasuring all the bullshit that happened, one must know how to move forward. Because being stuck in a situation where someone couldn't move is even more painful than experiencing the actual heart break. It's limiting and not letting yourself do what it's supposed to do. Moving on after a heart break is a crucial yet a good action moreover to people who already knows what they want or if they've already found something that they want. It is about being open again for the possibility of a new heart break.   

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