My Lost Love: Film Photography

Photography had always been my first love. Back when I was in high school, I truthfully did not know what I wanted to do with my life, until the school newspaper accepted me as a photojournalist. I’ve had my camera with me every single day, waiting for announced events and spontaneous covers. I struggled with my DSLR, as for the whole 2009, I only used the automatic mode which looking back now, made me feel really dumb. However, that was because I never had a background but just pure experiment because back then, I never would have thought I’d eventually grew to love it and make it part of my career.

And as time goes on, I found out that there is more to Photography than what I initially thought.

I took up Bachelor of Arts — Major in Photography back in 2012 at De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde. It took me a lot of courage and a lot of tears (to please my family) before I was finallyable to get in. I enjoyed the company of my friends (with the same course), finding out that some of them didn’t really like Photography but was forced as they didn’t pass their first choices. Their cases made me think, to be honest. I asked myself almost every day if I wanted to take pictures all my life. I guess, the thought shook me up like a wrecking ball. And eventually, I shifted to Multimedia Arts the following year.

I told myself, this is good. Multimedia Arts is a good choice because it has a lot of scopes and I’ll be able to explore almost all of them from traditional art, to web and graphic design, animation, film and again, photography.

Retreating from it and seeing my friends go through different photography courses made me feel envious. I wanted to do what they wanted to do. I wanted to be good at using those kinds of equipments too. I wanted to produce quality photographs as well. I wanted to join their photoshoots. I wasn’t given the chance almost immediately as I have other design subjects at hand. But eventually, I was able to choose my electives and luckily there’s a lot of interesting photography courses. I took up events photography last term which I super enjoyed a lot. And now, I was aching for more. I almost forgot how to properly hold a camera, let alone use it. It sent me shivers and excitement setting me up like a firework ready to explode. So now, I decided my next stop would be Film Photography.

I’ve never had a film camera before so I know this will be a huge step I’m about to take. I’m scared, yes. Definitely, yes. So the past few days, I started reading loads of book about Film Photography and Darkroom Techniques. I’ve studied another round of Photography 101, making sure I understand all the basics, especially about exposure. I am aware that it will be a rocky road with this new goal I’m willing to take but I hope to enjoy it as much as I look forward to it. 

Have you once lost something you once were passionate about and now trying to get it back again? What was your experience? What did you do? I'd love to hear it. 

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