Shifting College Majors, What Helped Me Make My Decision


From my previous blog post, I discussed about my love from photography but despite that, as you all may know, I've made a very big decision to shift majors and not pursue it. Instead, I took up Multimedia Arts. It took me a lot of courage, really, telling my family that I'll be changing the road I want to take in the future. Though they weren't exactly stopping me, I was hesitant. Good thing was only three units weren't credited and the subjects I took were all included in the program. 

I've thought about it day after day, if I should really push through with it. I was confused and scared that I’ll be making a decision I’ll regret later on. I know many people experienced this kind of struggle too and I’d like to share what helped me made my decision. I asked myself a lot of questions and these three stood out from the rest. If you’re doubting your major now, or confused of what degree you should take, these might help you.

1. What kind of job do you want to do?

I am the kind of person who really worries about everything. I don't necessarily plan my life but I'd like to prevent myself from making rash decisions as much as I can. So when I asked myself, if I really want to be a photographer, I realized that there’s something besides it that I wanted to do. I thought about what kind of job I want in the future? Where do I imagine myself five years after I graduate? Ten years, even. 

So try asking yourself a lot on how you see yourself in the future, as you imagine the out-turn of possible situations. If you take this path in your life, dedicate your time and effort in this particular industry, will you be happy? Will it pay? Will you be able to get the job that would satisfy you?

2. Will you be able to handle this long-term commitment?

Think of it as a marriage relationship, once you've said yes and pushed yourself to pursue this career, you're tied. You took the vow. It might be possible to change your mind but you don't want yourself to try every career that you think is fun and never have the chance to excel and move forward. No one in this world is successful already in just a day of trying. Well, of course you'll meet a couple of bumps along the way. However, it will not only strengthen your personality but also let you learn things that might help you. Nothing beats a person who have gone through an adventurous journey before being the successful person that he/she eventually becomes. Time is everyone’s enemy. It can never be brought back and it’s the only thing that will keep us all going so we must never waste even a second of it.

3. Is it something that you're willing to excel on? 

If you’re not passionate about it, stop. Don’t move from there. Just go back and think again. If you don’t give your everything to what you’re doing, you won’t be able to do your best and it will most probably result into something that you’ll regret later on. I don’t necessarily mean that you have to love it immediately. If you have your mind set that even though you’re not good at something, you’re still willing to excel on it, it is a great start. Truthfully, I don’t have a lot of skills when I entered Multimedia Arts. I asked myself multiple times if I did the right thing, shifting majors. But I didn’t let those bad thoughts swallow me whole. Instead, I practiced a lot and tried my best to be able to cope up with the skill set I first need in order to push through. 

Not everyone makes the right choices at first but those mistakes are something that would help people realize what they’ve done wrong, what they really wanted and what they should do. The questions that I asked myself weren’t the only things that helped me make my decision. I’ve also consulted with my family members and my closest friends. Discussing it with people whom you are closed with can make a huge impact and can even turn tables if you weren’t satisfied with the answers you’ve given yourself. So don’t rush and think it thoroughly. You’ll eventually realize what you want to do with your life and lead the path you’re willing to take.


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