Top Three Instagram Accounts I love


I’ve been instagramming ever since 2012 and I was quite sure back then, I didn’t know or I might say I just didn’t care about my feed. I just post whatever it is that amuses me or makes me feel like sharing, may it be a small bug I found on top of my nose or my left over food that looked like shit. I also came to a point where I deleted my account with over 1000 photos, more than half of it, I was so sure to be selfies. (Vain, much?) I created a new one immediately after dreading the fact that I have no instagram anymore, and started kind-of curating my feed.

I might say that I enjoyed it a whole lot better. It makes me feel good to see my feed looking really amaze-balls. And because I’m an artist slash photographer, I have to at least beat the expectations. Helping me through are the people I follow which are the ones making me feel inspired most of the time. I must say that I look up to these people a lot.

1. @world_of_patricia

The reason why I love her so much is that all her photos gave me the warmth I always needed. I always feel like it’s hugging me and making me feel all the butterflies I miss. Every photo looks like there’s a story behind each one. And it’s definitely an honour to see the world patricia sees.

2. @pommechan

I actually already saw her in person through a talk and she was lovely. Her english accent was really cute matching her petite and sweet personality. Though she is all that, Pomme is aggressive with her works, creating divergent designs that would make people go wow. Her feed screams her lifestyle as an illustrator.

3. @mz09art

I’ve just came across his account lately but I immediately fell in love with it. Julio creates enchanting character illustrations. It looks alive and dreamy. I especially love the series where he creates cartoons out of real people. His works are really fun.

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